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Main Document:   EuCARD_Applications of Accelerators 2017

The Applications of Particle Accelerators in Europe (APAE) project aims to show how accelerator technology developed as a result of accelerator research is of benefit to wider European society.

Of the more than 30,000 accelerators that currently exist, most are not used purely as an instrument for scientific research but have applications in fields such as energy, health, and industry. As accelerator research and related technologies continue to develop, so too do their possible applications for alternative fields.

Focusing on the applications of interest in Europe, the APAE project will establish those technologies of most interest and produce a policy briefing document outlining how accelerator applications may serve European interests.

The APAE project is organised by Work Package 4 of the EuCARD2 project, an Integrating Activity Project for coordinated Research and Development on Particle Accelerators, co-funded by the European Commission under the FP7 Capacities Programme.

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