Main document:    EuCARD_Applications of Accelerators 2017

Launched in June 2015, the Applications of Particle Accelerators in Europe (APAE) project has produced a document outlining the importance of accelerator applications in Europe and demonstrate how these could be developed as a result of accelerator research..

Originally developed to investigate the questions of fundamental physics, particle accelerators speed up and increase the energy of charged particles to allow scientists to learn about our world. But the impact of accelerators has reached far beyond their use as a tool for scientific exploration.

Indeed, today’s accelerators play a significant role in a number of different fields. From medical diagnostics to security screening, the technology developed from accelerator research has an important impact on our everyday lives.

Looking ahead, the APAE project aims to identify new applications which may beneficial to the requirements of European society in areas such as, health,  industry, energy, security, photon and neutron sources. For more information regarding the specific applications which may be relevant for each field, please see the Applications page.

The final product of this project, a document titled “Applications of Particle Accelerators in Europe” is already available.

Main document:     EuCARD_Applications of Accelerators 2017